Our Services

Landscape Management Services

We provide weekly visits to “manage” your landscape – not just provide cutting services. We mow your turf for the proper height, which varies due to weather conditions. We provide timely cut backs for plant materials that require doing so. Palm trees and hardwoods are trimmed in a timely fashion to prevent damage. We will inform our customers of problem areas that should be addressed before becoming unsightly. Our supervisors provide a monthly walk thru of all accounts to ensure a quality finished product.

Landscape Design & Installation Services

Our in house Landscape Architect will provide a comprehensive Landscape Design for your property to enhance it’s natural surroundings and provide the customer with a beautiful landscape to enjoy for years to come. We install only the finest plant and tree materials obtainable through our suppliers statewide. We will stay in close contact with the customer through the installation process to ensure your satisfaction. After completion, a final walk thru is provided to make sure that proper locations for all materials have been achieved and that all materials are successfully adapting to their new surroundings. We service the small renovation application to the large commercial installation. We also provide landscape designs for our maintenance customers free of charge.

Landscape Irrigation Services

We provide monthly irrigation checks as well as system designs and installations. Monthly irrigation checks consist of activation of all zones to ensure proper operation. Repairs are made at the time of system checks. We have 2 irrigation crews so that we may service emergency calls quickly.

Landscape Lighting Services

We design and install low voltage lighting systems from the small residential application to large commercial applications. We will meet with the customer during evening hours to ensure proper placement of all lighting materials.

Landscape Extras

These include flower installations, mulch or other ground covers, tree installations as well as the renovations of small areas on your property that need refreshing. We also have the ability to provide retaining walls, patios in many forms including brick, stone, and rubber, as well as walkways.

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